I'm a mom of a wildly active 2.5 year-old son...and have a little girl on the way...due in a month!  Yep, all super exciting but it also makes time in the day incredibly precious.  As you know, we here at Haute Mom's Life, are all about sharing tips, tricks and trends to simplify and enhance our lives which is why I'm dying to tell you all about one of my best kept secrets...truly one of the hottest/coolest (pun intended) new products on the mommy market: InstaTemp.  It's a non-touch digital thermometer, and something I've come to find as an absolute lifesaver.  


-POINT, PRESS, PLAY (Read On Display)  It's literally as simple as that.  Just point towards your forehead, press the button on the thermometer and read the temperature.  No questioning, no overthinking.  

-Don't Wake A Sleeping Baby You won't with Instatemp.  They've got a Backlight LCD screen for easy-to-read nighttime temperature, perfect for a baby, infant or child asleep or awake.

-Shop From Your Couch Available at you can literally purchase in your pjs.  I mean, how can ya beat it?

-Best Baby Gift Ever Alright we all love a good onesie BUT imagine Instatemp showing up at your doorstep??  Uh, yes please. 

-Size Does Matter I carry around InstaTemp in my purse at all times.  It's half the size of an iPhone - you'll never know it's there AND okay not to lie, I definitely take my temperature like 5 times a day...ya know, for fun and all