Pucker Up Smooooooch!

Yet again a celeb posted a picture to Instagram that's now stirring up some mayjah controversy.  Only this time all the hubbub's over a beautiful, innocent gesture of love between mommy and babe.  You may have seen the stunning pic above floating around of Victoria Beckham and her daughter Harper smooching on the lips...posted by Posh on her daughter's 5th Birthday with the caption: "Happy Birthday baby girl.  We all love you so much"  What's wrong with something as sweet as that you ask??  Well a few weirdos are taking issue with the fact that Posh is puckering up with her lil one "ON THE LIPS"  Oh no, not the LIPS!!!  

Something as seemingly benign as this sparked negative backlash among a small group...BUT beware of the mama bears!  Our big badass tribe of women quickly came to Posh's defense burying the few negative comments on her instagram page with their own feelings of appreciation for the gawwwwgeous image.  "If you see a problem with this pic, you are the problem"  "I still kiss my child on the lips, he's in college"  "Beautiful pic - let love rule"  You said it,  LET LOVE RULE!!!  

If that isn't proof enough that the overriding feeling about this picture is nothing-but-love, some moms have opted to "protest" by snapping and posting pics of themselves with their babes locking lips.  Even we got in on the action!! 

Meanwhile, the Today Show took a poll to see what the public really thinks.  The resounding results below :))  

Do you think it's OK to kiss your children on the lips?

Yes 73%

Sometimes 5%

Never 7%

When they're under a certain age 15%