NEW REPORT: Pasta DOESN'T Make You Fat!! (Cue the Cheers!!)

Here at HML, we've been chompin at the bit to find someone, ANYONE with even a wee bit of authority to announce to the world that carbs won't actually kill ya. That day is finally here!  And not just anyone is dropping that Bucatini BOMB!  A group of leading scientists in Italy have released a new report saying Pasta DOESN'T actually make you had been shoved down our throats for as long as we can remember.  In fact, it's down right good for ya!  Thank heavens because noodles somehow sucker their way into 70% of our meals.  Easy to prep, insanely satisfying and now reportedly GOOD FOR YOU - what more can a gal ask for?!  The skinny on eating carbs --- right here! AND read below for your way to win 4 Free Meals from Green Chef!!

And in case you missed it on the podcast, Haute Mom's Life is offering a promotion with GreenChef!!  If you're not familiar, it's a service that basically delivers fresh, organic ingredients weekly to your doorstep.  The pasta above is the Mushroom Kale Linguine we made the other night.  Prep and clean-up is fast and easy and the recipes are seriously gourmet.  

If you're interested in trying it out, visit and they'll throw in 4 free meals for FREE!!!!  Also, check out our latest episode of HML right here: