Haute Mommies, if you tuned into Haute Mom's Life at or iTunes this week, you know that firecracker mommy and Cute Booty Lounge Designer, Kelly Nishimoto stopped by to chat.  Not only did she offer some pretty kick-ass tips on how to potty-train your babe in no time...she shed light on the real reason our feet actually grow during pregnancy and the implications behind it.  In true Kelly spirit, she also agreed to a SAWWWWEEEEET giveaway for our listeners!  Last night, we crowned one lucky winner two pairs of pants from my Instagram page @adriannacosta ! Lemme tell ya, this is one VERY deserving mom-of-four who's beat all odds by surviving cancer twice!  If in any small way we can help bring a smile to that haute mommy's face, well our job is done!  Stay tuned for more weekly giveaways on the show and check out the rest of our no-holds-barred interview with Miss Fashionista herself, Kelly Nishimoto!!