The thought of aging is about as daunting as bikini season.  You know it's coming...there's endless talk about how to prepare for it, you often times try to avoid it...and while some embrace it more than others, bottom line is it happens to everyone.  Why is it that we have such a negative perception of getting older?  Isn't there something remarkably beautiful about the wisdom we gain over years of experiencing, of really living??   

As if aging in general isn't hard enough, try aging in Hollywood.  People look at you like you're damaged goods.  The calls stop, the roles become fewer and fewer, shit dries up...sorta like they think we do.  Case and point - Remember when Susan Sarandan wore this sexy ensemble to the SAGS this year??  People were up in arms over her choice to show a little skin, citing the look as inappropriate simply because she's not some 14 year-old sashaying down the runway.  L A M E !

It takes women like Susan Sarandon rocking bold looks on the red-carpet and Cameron Diaz  taking makeup-free selfies to prove aging is in fact, something to be proud of, not something to be scared of.  

We here at HML have always LOVED Cameron for her sunny, carefree spirit and killer body (of work) but our level of admiration has skyrocketed after hearing how she approaches life and aging.  At 43 Cameron's married to a haute younger rocker, Benji Madden, child free but filled with love and happiness.  She's releasing a new book called The Longevity Book and shares her outlook on well, just that.  Check out this blog the superstar posted to her website alongside yep, a barefaced selfie. We hope you feel just as inspired as we do after reading this.  The book comes out April 5th!  Yes girl, Yes!