Can you believe the holidays are almost here??  Christmas decorations up, holiday music blaring from the speakers..and GIFT OVERLOAD.  It seems year after year we struggle to find the most special people in our lives, well, extra special gifts.  Do you have that dilemma?  When Amazon just won't cut it, good news we've got ya covered.  


Ladies, you can knock one item off your to-do list because we're letting you in on the best kept secret for your man -- The Statesman Tie...more than just a necktie.  In other words, it's a personalized tie marking a destination or state your man has a connection to.  For example, my husband Scott lives in California, and loves his two little ones so I snagged him the California Tie-with the California brown bear on the front and on the back -- close to his heart -- we embroidered Sonnet and Gibson.  


Alright now for some quick fun facts:  The customized ties will run between $32-$40.  And here's what it includes: The option to have a customized message added to the back of the tie. Each message can contain up to two (2) lines of text, in multiple languages, with a maximum of 21 characters - including spaces - on each line. The embroidered message is with white thread on a black tag and then hand sew it on to the tie.
Each tie is 100% woven silk and measures 61” long x 3.5” wide.  For more info or to place an order, check out www.statesmanties.com

statesman 2.jpg



Ladies, join us for a day of stories, laughter, parenting tips and community with some incredible women at UNICON.  It's like ComicCon ya know...but actually not at all.  

I'll be speaking on the panel and if you're really REALLY lucky - I'll tell ya who Unicon Founder, Maria and I have a serious crush on!!!  Hint- He may have delivered our babies.

Get your tix here :)    https://www.eventbrite.com/e/unicon-2017-tickets-35364696760



Mommies - I have to introduce you to my latest greatest (guilt-free) obsession #NotAnAd Holy Torah :)  It's called Sharon's Sorbet and it's effing GENIUS!  The flavors range from coconut to lemon, coffee and my absolute FAVORITE - the Deutch Chocolate Sorbet.  Chocolate sorbet??  It exists!  And to boot- the flavors are all natural, dairy free, and sooooo not bad for you.  To give you an idea- for a half cup of the chocolate or coconut, you're looking at around 140 calories, and 4ish grams of fat.  And I swear it totally cuts the craving to indulge in something sweet and decadent.  Thank you Sharon!  Sold at Whole Foods, Gelsons and I'm sure several other specialty stores or you can get in touch directly below.   

email....  pksorbet@yahoo.com

TEL.  212-925-1444  


SCARSDALE,  N.Y.  10583