Warning:  If you own a minivan, don't read on :).  If you do read on, please promise you'll still be my friend.  


Minivans & Backpacks 


We've always thought of backpacks like minivans; confusing, unsexy, and basically a last step before totally giving up.  Too harsh??  But seriously, think about it -- There's never, EVER been a time when you've pulled up in your minivan and someone's like, "Dayyyyyyuuum woman! Love your ride."  And in our mind, the same thing applies to backpacks.  Or, well it did.  See, we've come around.  Well actually, they've come around.  Backpacks that is.  They used to be so Jansport-y, so "I've got too many text books to carry and don't give a S%$U about style so I'll just strap one of these big burlap sacks to my back and call it a day."  Oh and then there was that craze of the mini backpacks in the 90's (which now seem to be a major hit with A-listers again)  BTW, what the hell are you fitting in there anyway?  

backpack 3.jpg
backpack 5.jpg

Yea, and remember that nylon Prada that made the rounds with moms off to Italy for the summer??  Unoffensive but EVERYWHERE.  

backpack 2.jpg

So back to the part of coming around.  Backpacks are now hip.  Wait did I actually just say that?  There are just so many new styles.  It seems like designers love making them and fashionistas love wearing them.  

backpacks .jpg

Shapes, Sizes, Styles...Hollywood's cray for them


backpack 1.jpg

And as it pertains to us, moms; well they're actually kind of conveniently amazing.  Hands-Free and totally on-trend.  We love that you can smash a million things into one compartment (like a big Mary Poppins purse) but the difference is the backpack's not always falling off your arm, or whipping you in the face as you reach down for your crying toddler, ass in the air.  C'mon we've all been there.  The security of the two over-the-shoulder straps (yes like a bra) -- offers so much more support for a juggling mama.  


Okay, so now let's talk about a Haute Mom's Life fave.  We've fully got our sights set on a V pricey (2k) Valentino Rockstud backpack - as gorgeous as any handbag you've ever laid eyes on - but let's face it, unless we're hitting the jackpot, we'll be stalking The Real Real until a recycled one pops up in the budget.  

backpack 3.jpg

Not every Backpack costs a month's rent -- Check out these -- super chic and affordable- $39.


GAP, $40



bag 1.jpg



So while we can safely say backpacks are errrr, back and we're totally on board, it may take a few more years and lots of annoying car rides to break us in to the idea of a minivan.

backpack chloe feye.jpg


Mondays used to be the most-dreaded day of the week...until it became my FAVORITE.  After a long weekend catering to the little ones- cooking, cleaning, spit-ups, slip ups, this errand, that birthday (oh don't even get me started) I've turned Monday into MY day.  At least some of it.  I still cart one to camp and the other to....oh well let's face it, the second child always gets shafted.  But point is, I make sure after a long kiddy-filled, overloaded weekend that I take time for myself.  CorePowerYoga.com followed by a nice, long, warm shower is a start.  Calls, catch up, writing, talking (to adults), manis, pedis, even lunch -- sitting, not standing- yep it's all about me/us.

Oh and get this-  I may even Netflix and Chill...by...my...self while the lil ones are passed out.  Wait, that came out wrong but you get it.  Whatever your situation may be, please take time for yourselves.  Working moms, this means you too!  Maybe you leave a little early to the office on Mondays to "work" uh I mean, sit in your car uninterrupted scrolling the gram and or Nordstrom.com or whatever your guilty pleasure may be. 

It's time to enlist a friend, neighbor, mommy's helper, family member, nanny - ANYONE - to give you some much deserved rest and relaxation.  

Mama's Note:  Disregard all feelings of guilt.  Remember, oxygen mask - right - oxygen mask :)


TheRealReal Installs0630.jpg

Life and style as we know it was totally revolutionized for the savvy shopper when high-end consignment website, The Real Real launched in 2011.  It wasn't until July 2016 that our fashion cherry was popped!!  We placed our very first of many orders to the online retailer.  2 pairs of (never-before-worn, mind you) Giusepeppi Zanotti heels - one oxblood suede fringed bootie - super ladylike...The other more Lady Gaga; Nude platform wedges with a dainty little ankle strap. 

Since then we've been a walking billboard for the company.  Literally, people are like "Do you get a kickback from them?"  Nope - but we probably should.  It's just honest to goodness enthusiasm for these guys who've cracked the fashion code -- at least in the minds of frugal suburban moms who crave couture but once settled for copies.  

the real real 3.jpg
the real real 5.jpg

Top designers at up to 90% off!? Sounds too good to be true.  Oh but it isn't. Theory, Tibi, Alexander Wang, Brian Atwood, Vivienne Westwood - they line our closets now - marked down from thousands to hundreds easily.  And they're all in pristine, very good, or good condition as the website so eloquently puts it. 

They've got 90+ in-house authenticators inspecting thousands of items daily ensuring the authenticity of every piece it sells -- at a fraction of the original price.  Economic? Check.  Environmental? Check, Check.  The Real Real gives new life to pieces and is leading the circular economy for luxury.  Ya know that whole, "One person's trash is another ones treasure" thing.  Only, there ain't nothing trashy here.

the real real 4.jpg

Ok so we sorta buried the lede in this story but it's only because the site is just so overwhelmingly satisfying and BEWARE, time-gobbling :) The Real Real has taken it one step further by opening their second brick and mortar store -- landing in LA at the corner of Melrose and La Cienega.  

TheRealReal Installs0638.jpg

Sure it makes sense that with prime real estate like that, the retailer would flex their muscles showcasing the best of the best from the site.  That also means, most of it'll set you back a pretty penny.  Speaking of which, the space isn't just pretty, it's IMPECCABLE! -Like what you'd imagine Anna Wintour's closet to look like (with a splash of Jlo)  Sky-high walls lined with the chicest Valentino, Chanel, Gucci...Racks stacked with Marni, Missoni, Balmain - "Hey, isn't that the bejeweled micro-mini Kim K just wore to the MTV awards?"  

TheRealReal Installs0757.jpg

And if that's not enough, well - there's this:

  • Men’s Store - First-ever men’s store features a sneakerdome, watch bar with rare watches, and a suiting and tailoring area.

  • Handbag Vault - The store boasts a 1,500 square foot vault with wall-to-wall luxury handbags, curbside consignment drop-off, and a cafe serving up fresh juices, snacks and coffee.

  • Free Valuations - Via the Luxury Consignment Office, The RealReal’s team of expert gemologists, horologists and authentication specialists are available – in-store and by appointment – for complementary fine jewelry, watch, and handbag valuations.  

  • Seamless Consignment Drop-offs - Curbside and in-store consignment drop-offs offer ease and efficiency.

  • Personal Styling Services - Select items from the site available to view in person, or pulled for shoppers by expert styling team.

  • Expert Workshops - Workshops and master classes provide consumers with expert content in authentication, styling, design, and current trends.

  • Luxury Services - Item repairs, alterations, and authentication of all luxury goods.

And when you're totally cashed, there's the Real Real Cafe - The cafe serves up coffee, pressed juices, salads and pastries.  No wine??  :) 

So while most of the time you'll find us sitting down, scrolling up for the latest deal of the day, perhaps we'll get our lazy butts off the couch and down to the Real Real for some in-store inspo. 

****The store's doors are open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more details please visit: www.therealreal.com/la   



50 Shades Of Shades

shades 10.jpg

If there's one accessory that's got every Haute Mom "covered" rain or shine, day or night, inside and out- it's the perfect pair of shades. Whether you're popping bottles or in this case, pumping bottles, a great set of sunnies will have you looking your best on 2 hours rest.

My go-tos are Raybans - affordable-ish ($150-$250) timeless, chic, cool, hip -- all the adjectives and never too"trendy" which is kinda what I loathe...ya know, those styles that are here today - and everyone obsesseses over - and gone tomorrow!?  Put it this way, if you're going to look at a picture 10 years from now and say, "What the hell was I thinking" you shouldn't wear em.  


When it came time for my push present, I opted for the BIGGEST, BlACKEST pair I could get my paws on A) They'd shield me from the rest of the world B) They'd shield the rest of the world from me.

shades 11.jpg
shades 14.jpg
shades 7.jpg

I splurged, well actually, my hubby splurged - On a pair of over-the-top Chanels, perhaps a little too pricey but let's make one thing clear, I am one frugal bitch. You'll definitely find me strolling the aisles of TJ Maxx before Intermix.  That said, a few things are absolute MUSTS: Amazing heels, Amazing denim, Amazing bags and AMAZZZZING shades. That's not to say you need to spend next month's rent on a pair of Prada but these are items we wear all day errrrayday, so spending a little more goes a long, long way. Think of it as an investment if that makes you sleep better at night. Anyway, point is, if you want to look your absolute best, at your worst - well you know the drill.

shades 8.jpg

Cat Eyes

These are those super trendy shades I was talking about - If they're your thing you can find Le Specs --like these-- for $118. 

A few more mommy faves- not cheap but totally chic.  Tom Ford All The WAY!


SHADES 16.jpg


Victoria Beckham Sunglasses ($400-$500) 

Moms Need Moms

friends 1.jpg

When I first had babies, life changed tremendously but my group of friends didn't.  I was one of the first to become a mom but that didn't stop me from calling my girls, spending time together, going out, essentially, living life as a single when we expanded into a Quadruple.  

friends 2.jpg

Truth is, I thought I didn't need a new group of friends, certainly not boring suburban mom-friends who'd talk endlessly about spit-ups, slip-ups, poop, patty-cake, sleepless nights, sexless days bla bla bla.  Oh, and trying to find the time to get together-- not just coordinating my own kids' schedules but now having to work around another family's naps and routines too??  Uh, no thanks.  

friends 3.jpg

Well, all that changed once I (reluctantly) began a mommy-and-me class with my first, Gibson.  Within moments, I knew this was the place for me/us.  Moms were sharing their own stories -- yes about potty training and nap times but also we shared laughs...lots and lots of laughs...about things only a mother can relate to.  It became a safe and hilarious environment for us to have adult conversation and feel normal again during a whirlwind time in life.  Cherry on top - my kid wasn't yanking at me to come play with him - he actually had other little people to connect with.  Victory!

Over time, this tribe of mamas who I literally met day one has become a hugely important part of mine and my children's lives.  We chat at drop-off, workout, have afternoon (I-want-to pull-my-hair-out) drinks, do playdates, and most of all, lend love and support to each other when others just don't get it.  And while my new community of mommies has even hung with my "old" friends it's been nuttin but love...mainly, because they each bring something totally different to the table.  Initially, I was anti finding a circle of moms to make my own but I've learned over time they are the final puzzle piece in helping me love life as a parent - poop and all.