Right around 2 years ago, Christian Louboutin did something totally revolutionary.  He expanded his line of high-end nude heels to match EVERY woman's skin color.  They range in seven tones and offer ALL fashionistas a reason to do nude.  Other brands have explored their own rainbow of nudes...oxymoron, sure, but it's absolutely GENIUS.  

And now giant retailer Target is following suit - only they're offering - New Nudes, an affordable collection of underwear and hosiery that includes a wide assortment of nude color options for women of all ethnicities. "At Target, we know that women come in all shapes, sizes and ethnicities and our assortment needs to reflect their outfitting needs," said Target's Senior Vice President of Apparel and Accessories Michelle Wlazlo.  For now, the brand revealed four brand-new shades, Cocoa, Honey Beige, Caramel, and Mochaccino, with more shades to come this fall. The line is predictably affordable: bras range from $10 to $17, sheer tights from $8 to $10, and underwear retails for $5.  Find your own perfect shade - without breaking the bank - right here! TARGET.COM

How Much Is Too Much?

kim k 5.jpg

We've had an ongoing conversation in our home for what feels like ETERNITY breaking down the fundamental idea of this: How Much Is Too Much?  As it pertains to our world mamas, is it ok for us gals with young children to post nude selfies, pix in barely-there bikinis, photos flaunting how good life is??  

kim k 4.jpg

According to my hubs, the answer is plain and simple - NOPE!  Well actually it goes something like this "Why do you need to post about your personal life and body for the world to see?"  My answer??  "Why The Hell Not?"  I work hard, I feel good, why not share that with my audience be it family, friends, followers?  So that is what I did.  And it felt good - authentic and empowering. 

image1 copy 2.jpeg

Now, the overall topic is not always cut and dry.  For example, I don't personally love the never-ending crotch-shot blast-off's from Kim Kardashian...Let's not forget, days after having a baby via surrogate, Kim proudly posted a series of racy nude pics for her 100+ million Instagram followers to gawk over.  But truth is, it's not my say and obviously it's those nudies that keep her in the conversation and off to the bank.  Ka-Ching$$$  

kim k 3.jpg

I do believe, however, after having two kids and nearly 18 months away from any semblance of a swimsuit (tankini, full piece, hazmat suit, whatever) well, hell I want to share my ENTIRE journey with the world!  From my big and burgeoning belly during pregnancy to life as a new mommy and ultimately, to the moments where I finally feel like I'm gettin' my groove back - bikini and all.  

So, I want to know mommies - What's your feeling on this topic?  How Much IS Too Much?  Hit us up on social media @adriannacosta to keep the convo going.  

Knott's - Something For Everyone With Peanut's Celebration

knotts 1.jpg

Knott's Berry Farm - a Southern California institution - is catering to fans of all ages this month with Knott's Peanuts Celebration!

Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Peppermint Petty - they're floating throughout the park to meet your littles and remind us of how damn old we are :)  The event goes until February 25th - weekends only-- and is absolutely worth checking out!  Photo opps for days, special meet-and-greets- the whole shebang.  We had the BEST TIME EVER (TRUTH!) especially because Knott's does a solid job of playing to every age.  With that - here are some of our favorite moments




GIBSON -  RIDES (Namely Huff And Puff- which he went on about 45 times before noon)




**A Few Insider Tips:

Bring several changes of clothing for the littles and pjs so you can change them in the car before you leave for a seamless transfer to bed.  

Lots of snacks because although the park has a ton of food options, it's great to come equipped.  

Wear comfy clothes/shoes -- for me that means 4 inch boots - but hell they ain't stilettos...and layers...lots of layers.  

Sanitizer and sunblock - duh

If money ain't no thang - you may love the idea of hiring a tour guide to skip all the lines.  

For more information or to buy passes, click here:

What Would You Do For...Free Swag?

For most people, the answer is...pretty much anything; Dunk your head in jello searching for ping-pong balls, act out your best superhero on national tv, perhaps even crack a couple raw eggs on your head for the cameras??  Just a few of the fun stunts we've seen on Steve - which I've had the privilege of witnessing up close and personal.  

image1 copy.jpeg